ALKON – Drops that help in fight against alcoholism

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ALKON - Drops that help in fight against alcoholism

On April 1, we celebrated the World Anti-alcoholism Day. However, as alcoholism is not a bad habit, but a serious illness, it is necessary to treat it in that way and fight against it on every day basis, whether we have this problem or someone from our surroundings.

The alarming data indicate that the number of alcohol addicts is constantly increasing. In accordance with this, alcoholism is not treated as an individual’s disease, but the disease of the entire family, and of society as a whole. In our region, unfortunately, alcohol has become part of our customs. It’s becoming more and more difficult to imagine celebrations without consumption of a lot of alcohol. It is particularly worrying that an increasing number of young people (and even minors) are consuming alcohol because they see it as some kind of symbol of maturity.

As is the case with anyother disease, alcoholism has its stages and symptoms. Alcohol causes physical and mental complications…


– damage to the liver, pancreas, heart, peripheral nervous system,

– weaker immune system,

– gastrointestinal disorders…


– character changes,

– alcohol becomes preoccupation,

– neglect of family, friends, work…

Psychophysical functions are being damagedresulting in the decrease of concentration, decrease of motivation, slow reflex actions (especially dangerous in traffic), and sudden changes in mood, depression…


Treatment depends on many factors (years of alcohol consumption, alcoholism stages …) but it’s never too late to fight alcoholism!


How does ALKON work?

ALKON drops cause nausea and repulsion towards alcohol. As time goes by, the combination of different herbs creates repulsion towards alcohol, while enhancing psychic stability.

How to use ALKON drops?

Pour 20 drops pour into juice, water, tea three times a day…

How long should ALKON be used?

The first symptoms of alcohol repulsion begin to be felt quickly, and for the start, we recommend you to take two bottles without making any pause.

Who must not use ALKON?

Alcon must not be used by pregnant women, nursing mothers or persons under the age of 14.


You can buy ALKON in all better-supplied pharmacies in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina for about 16KM.
For any additional information you can contact us via our Facebook page or call the distributor at +387 55 210 290.

It is never either too early or too late for a person to start thinking again about his/her health and the happiness of his/her family. Act in time!

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