Rejuvenate your joints: AKTIV +

Rejuvenate your joints: AKTIV +

Healthy cartilage is the best support for the smooth functioning of your joints and bones.

Cartilage is a smooth, slippery material that surrounds the bones in every joint, preventing bones from wearing against one another, which leads to poor mobility, damage of the joint, pain…


What damages cartilage?

Numerous diseases (arthritis, degenerative diseases, osteoporosis), but also a fast pace of life, obesity and an unhealthy diet.

How to restore cartilage?

Many physical methods and surgical procedures are used, and recently a lot of importance has also been given to the significance of natural preparations.

Vitalon recommends a natural preparation that has been on the market for 10 years and has many satisfied users:


Silicon-enriched glucosamine sulphate (which prevents calcium loss) has the role to:

– Suspend the process of cartilage degradation,

– Helpregenerate the cartilage,

– Relieve pain.

How long the product should be used depends on the severity of the damage and the symptoms that accompany it, but it is usually recommended that people use 3 to 4 packs.

With this in mind, Vitalon provides support to your budget by organizing the offer „3 + 1 free of charge“ in all pharmacies throughout Serbia.

Ask your pharmacist for a gift card and after purchasing 3 packs of AKTIV +, you will receive one for free.


Support is important and everyone really needs it!

At this point, when you think about it, you must surely be someone’s support and someone must be giving support to you.

Support is not only important for people, but it is essential for everything that surrounds us: nature, animals, plants we nurture…

Health, and it goes without saying that it is not implied in itself, also needs it.

Everyone needs support, sometimes joints do, too- AKTIV +

» Our products can be found in all better-equipped pharmacies and health food shops, as well as on our website

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