service production

For your needs we can perform the following services:

uslužna proizvodnja

• Procurement / import of raw materials and packaging

• Production of powder products

• Packaging of powdered, granular products, extracts…

• Production of dry and liquid extracts

• Tablet production

• Production of compresses

• Blistering tablets, compresses

• Applying for product analysis

• Making categorization and declaration

• Dietary product registration

• Making recipes at the request of the client

• Design

We have:

• Production plant

• A team of professional people

• Logistics

• Machines:
- semi-automatic packer,
- homogenizers,
- welders,
- blisters,
- tablets,
- grain mill and
- a series of machines necessary for production and packaging

The companies we have worked for and are doing service production for

  • Vama doo
  • Medical Solution
  • Gifing product corporation
  • Biosativa doo
  • Premium Slim doo
  • Feliča doo
  • Dr Popović
  • Pro natura doo
  • Alka vegul

Forms of finished product that Vitalon offers:

  • 250mg, 650mg, 950 mg tablet
  • 250mg, 650mg, 950 mg compress
  • blister of 10 tablets, 15 tablets
  • liquid extract
  • powder form of the finished product (food product or dietary supplement)
  • granulated fruit
  • dry extract powder
  • cosmetic products: oils, creams, lotions


We can adjust the shape of the finished product according to your request, for example the tablet can be of 200 mg, and 500mg, etc..